Edem in an interview has ascertained what being “Okay” should mean instead of attributing it entirely to the acquisition of mansions.

Ghanaian rapper Edem has advised the youth to be really content with what they have.


Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, Edem explained that being okay in life is about small changes that are happening in your life over time.


He added that, it is unhealthy for people to stress and put in too much pressure on themselves if they are making steadily progress.


The “Toto” hitmaker, opined that it is very much okay to have a mansion and glorify God for that but it is very wrong for people to brag with the mansion and what they have to make people feel less.


In his justification for the assertion made, Edem stated that there are mansions which now look like hen coups and the simple reason for this is due to time and changes hence one should have a greater purpose in life than just focusing on material things.

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