A toddler has lost his life under tragic circumstances at Awutu Ahuntem near Bawjiase in the Central Region.

The one and half-year-old died when a truckload of sand was offloaded on him on October 13.

This followed a bizarre turn of events after his father had requested that sand be brought onto their premises for construction work.

Upon arrival of the tipper truck, the father directed the driver to a site where he was supposed to deposit the material.

Little did he know that his son had followed him to the said area.

The truck proceeded to offload the sand and departed.

The father subsequently returned to the house where he noticed the absence of the toddler.

They formed a search party and combed the vicinity but to no avail.

According to Graphic Online, the family was advised to search the area where the sand had been offloaded earlier.

They heeded the advice and dug through the sand where they, unfortunately, discovered the lifeless body of the infant.

This has left the family in shock and disbelief as his father said he was unaware that his boy followed him outside the house.

The driver of the truck has also denied seeing the child while he undertook the discharge.

Meanwhile, police have deposited the body at the morgue.

The case has since been reported at the Awutu Bawjiase Police Station where an investigation is expected to commence.

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