Ghanaians who predominantly patronize the Cinemas had their hopes high when the news broke out that the president will be adressing the Nation. Their expectation however, haven’t been fulfilled since the address hasn’t granted them the permission to have cinemas opened.

Below are the words of the president stating categorically when the cinemas would function.

I am particularly happy that the significant in vestments we have made in ensuring compliance with the safety protocols have enabled us to open, in safety, all schools, private and public, at all levels, and I want to thank parents, teachers and students for making them work.

We have also put in place the necessary protocols that have allowed us to return to churches, mosques, workplaces, markets, stadia, and to travel. Our ability, however, to congregate in closed spaces, like cinemas, theatres and nightclubs, remains restricted.

In a move towards the reopening of cinemas and theatres, Government has engaged cinema owners and operators on a set of protocols and guidelines that need to be put in place and implemented by all operators before eventual re-opening. In the coming weeks, the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Tourism Authori ty will be announcing these protocols and mandatory modalities, and work with the oper ators on a set of directives that will ensure the health and safety of all patrons and staff in all the facilities involved.

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