February 25, 2024

Manager for AK Songstress, Mr Duke Banson, has opened up about how a radio presenter took $20,000 from him to promote his artiste but didn’t do the work.

Mr Banson has managed AK Songstress for the past seven years and has tried everything possible to push her up there but to no avail. Explaining why they are now plugging their music in Nigeria instead of Ghana. Mr Banson told Onua FM’s Christian Agyei Frimpong on the Anigye Mmere show that he contracted a radio presenter to promoter and push his artist. The fellow took $20,000 and squandered the money without doing the work.

“I gave someone who claimed he could push AK out there, I gave him a whopping 20,000 Dollars, and he couldn’t do anything. He is the worst of all. Nothing happened. He told me stories. “This is the reason why we decided to promote the song from Nigeria. The song got the attention of Nigeria and 15 other countries. When it was accepted in the 5th country, that’s when Ghanaians heard Ak’s song. By then, ‘Jonathan’ was huge, so no one could block it. I have a motto, I always say, you can’t stop a moving train,” the executive producer sadly narrated.

Mr Banson added that he has always considered DJ’s and bloggers as partners in the game. But some of them are short-sighted. They will take the money, and they won’t promote the song. He further revealed that he only spent 25 per cent of the money he used in Ghana in Nigeria, and the song ‘Jonathan’ is everywhere.

“They will say anything just to take your money… And I tell you something, I spent a quarter of what I had spent in Ghana for promotion in Nigeria, and the song is everywhere.” AK Songstress, over the years, has done great songs and tried pushing her brand. However, she’s not seen much improvement until recently when she started promotion in Nigeria.

“Right now, I’ve a sick (good) promoter in Nigeria. I mean to say I have good promoters there and because they delivered and am going to work with them”. Mr Duke revealed.

AK Songstress is out with her latest banger ‘Jonathan’, doing very well in Africa and the Caribbeans.