Adored Ghanaian musician, Livingstone Etse Seteklah who is largely known in the world’s entertainment space as Stonebwoy.

Has added his voice to the recent happenings with regards to #FixTheCountry vigil. The assassination of one Mohammed Kaaka – an activist who was ambushed by a supposed thug by the Ejura MCE in the Ashanti Region after which he later passed on at the hospital.

On Tuesday 29th, the youth in Ejura protested to seek justice for Kaaka however a joint force by the Ghana Police and Military wouldn’t permit the protest leaving 2 dead and 4 sustaining severe gun wounds.

The musician, via tweeter, has expressed his disappointment. Especially to the fact that the sitting government is aloof about what is happening under his watch.

“Since the system Keeps frustrating Us the citizens. We will have no option than to go outside. We Only Go Outside to air our voices seeking attention to the problems we face as citizens Anything contrary to that is not our INTENT.

They were only venting their frustration. Yet the men and women who have sworn an oath to protect us and serve us with integrity attacked them.


We need justice for Kaaka. We need to hold the police and military responsible for the loss of lives in Ejura.

Kaaka didn’t have to die. He was only advocating for the improvement of the lives of his fellow citizens including the very people that killed him. He was killed because he refused to be a spectator.


His brethren in Ejura didn’t have to be attacked.”

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