– I Never Knew My Song ‘Towel’ Will Be Talking About ‘Self-Care’ : Feli Nuna

– Feli Nuna Reveals Her Song ‘Towel’ Encourages ‘Self-Care’ In New Interview

Feli Nuna, Off the Ground artist, has revealed the inspiration behind her new song ‘Towel.’

Shawerz Ebiem produced ‘Towel,’ which was released on May 11, 2020, and R.Dee shot and directed the video.

Watch here:

The talented singer revealed in an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana that her new trending song ‘Towel’ is about ‘Self-Care.’

Explaining this, she revealed that ‘Towel is just captioning that moment were as women we spend sometime with ourselves because there is a lot of responsibilities on women and a lot of pressure in the system and even in the world so Towel is just reminding women and even men to just take time and enjoy the moment revile in the roses and love yourself because you cannot pour from an empty cup so you need to be full of care, be full of love before you can care for either your husband, your boyfriend, your kid, your parents, it all starts from you.

Feli Nuna revealed at the start of her interview with Pulse Ghana that she has only one message on the multi-song she created as she sends out different concepts to her fans, Ghanaians, and the world.

Watch the full interview below.

Feli Nuna has performed on major stages throughout Ghana, including the Ghana Music Awards Nominees Concert, the 4styte Music Video Awards, Coke Studio Africa, the Yaws Fashion Show in Gambia, the Asia-Africa Youth Festival in China, and many more.

She debuted on the Ghanaian music scene in 2012, and she is best known in Ghana for a number of singles including ‘I Like Am,’ ‘Lose Control,’ ‘Afro Magic,’ ‘Dream,’ ‘Love Me Now,’ ‘Azumah,’ and ‘Wanted.’

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