Fuse ODG, Ghanaian musician based in the United Kingdom, has praised his newly signed artiste Feli Nuna for defending herself and other women in the creative industry against sexual exploitation by managers and investors.


Feli Nuna disagreed with Kwame A-Plus on United Showbiz on Saturday when he suggested that female musicians looking for investors should be willing to give in to their financiers’ sexual demands.


After A-Plus questioned the relevance of Feli Nuna’s boyfriend if he couldn’t finance her music career and had to seek investment from others, the two traded insults on live TV.

“You have a wealthy boyfriend who does not work in the creative industry so he doesn’t put his money into your career. You then go to someone else to invest in your music and the individual proposes a sexual relationship with you, why should you be angry and not give in?” he asked.

“Does what you’re saying make sense?” Feli Nuna retorted, insisting that such advances towards women in exchange for help should not be condoned.

A-Plus who did not seem pleased with Nuna’s counter-statement responded: “What doesn’t make sense is your partner you call a boyfriend. He is a very fucking boy.”

Watch below.

Fuse ODG responded to Feli Nuna’s bravery on the primetime show by writing under the comment session of her photo captured in the UTV studios:

“A Queen.. Ghana is lucky to have a powerful woman like you who can speak up and stand for all women with dreams! Out with the old mentality…in with the new mindset…I salute”

The owner of Off Da Ground Records also took to Twitter to complain about how A-Plus and other panelists on the show openly confirmed the “sex for investment” phenomenon in Ghana’s creative industry.

On July 12, 2021, Fuse ODG signed Feli Nuna to his record label, and she appeared on United Showbiz to promote her latest song under her new management, titled ‘Towel.’

Fuse’s reaction to the tense situation on UTV demonstrates his unwavering support for the fiercely talented Ghanaian musician and performer.

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