Our television stations currently project more of the foreign cultures leaving behind our rich African cultures and gradually making us forget who we are and our capabilities as Africans.


Acy China who is gassed up to bringing us back to our culture and reminding us of who we are and made of, is readies to introduce to us, Ghanaians and the world at large. The indigenous Ghanian and African tradition through her maiden ‘Ɛtɔ Ɛkyira A Fa’ TV Show.


‘Ɔtɔ Ɛkyira A Fa’ traditional talk show would be among the few Ghanaian representing, Tv Shows that would propagate and inculcate our norms and values as Ghanaians to the younger generation and again, sell our rich cultures to the world.



The show is set to hit your screens soon, showing on ‘Tv Africa’ on the ‘DSTV CHN 362’ and ‘GO TV CHN 175’ every Thursdays 8:30PM in the evening with the repeat showing on YouTube Sundays 10:00PM under the channel name ‘SYNPIC’ TV.


Follow the host; Synpicorigin on Facebook, Acychina | Synpicorigin on Instagram and SynpicTV on YouTube for more updates.

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