Safina Diamond

These pictures are purposely announcing her presence onto the Ghanaian music scene. She is here to effect a wind of change in the music industry, especially in the female fraternity and take over completely. Permit me to humbly introduce you to the latest songstress on the music block. She goes by the stage name Safina Diamond but is known in real life as Safina Mohammed Adizatu, a sterling force to reckon with.

Safina Diamond is a supercharged female act who is focused to make a mark in a grande style. The music scene is about to get spicily rich with solid music content, quality sound & video productions, well-composed character, full of charisma, confidence, raw talent, creatively out of this world, and above all a feast to the eyes and soul when it comes to her vital body statistics.

She is the type of artist mostly particularized as a taste-maker and crowd-pleaser whose music helps her audience, music lovers, and even critics in general to relax their nerves and fully engage them with real-life stories unfolding before them through her music. A great deal of critical attention will be paid to her based on her style of music, uniqueness, vocal prowess, storytelling abilities, melodies, and defined sound.

Signed to Sinare Entertainment; a record label that has an unparalleled instinct for bankable talent, Safina has no competition yet, her presence in the music scene will trigger a lot of unnecessary emotions and competition from competitors. This will likely cause the male acts to coil in their shells. As for the female acts, that will be a subject for another discussion. But the good thing is that she is easily going to win the hearts of the public based on merits. More details about her will be communicated shortly.

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