National Democratic Congress (NDC), Parliamentary Candidate, of Okaikoi Central, Baba Sadiq has urged everyone, but particularly males, to exercise caution and not take anything for granted. He admitted that he has become extra cautious and always keeps his hands directly in front of him when taking pictures with women out of fear of getting implicated by any woman in the future.

“A lot of men will tell you how they ought to be very careful about certain things, when I am taking a picture with women, my hand is in front of me, in the picture or video I want it to be seen and known, I am ultra-careful about certain things”.

He claimed that one critique of the time in which we live is the worry that the first person or woman to raise a problem would be perceived as the real one, which damages the reputation of the subsequent person.

“One of the criticisms against the era we are in is the fear that the first person to come out with an issue will create a whole narrative such that before the second person could come out with his, it would have already created a lot of issues. Today narratives about what women have been going through has become a big issue we cannot deny that. Today especially we the African men have to do a lot of unlearning to get to where we are now, where you cannot just say or do certain things based on your orientation, and we keep asking ourselves about the things that affect women so we could adapt.”

His comments comes after Sarkodie, who recorded a diss song “Try Me” aimed at Yvonne Nelson, said in an interview with Angela Yee, that the song was a knee jerk reaction and his emotions got the better of him.

“I sneaked into the studio to record it because I didn’t want to hear any advice. So, nobody sat down to say this is good to go.”


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